This tutorial was written by me April 28th – 2021
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

Filter: EyeCandy 5 Impact gradient glow or 4000


I’m using a tube from Ismael Rac you need a license to use his art
I don’t know where he sell his tubes at the moment

For this tut I used a very colorful tube
and made the flowers to fit, but you can change that by using
Adjust Hue and saturation – Hue/Saturation/Lightness for the best result

OK, open the flower and choose a color from your tube on your foreground Width 15
close background color
preset shape Ellipse
draw out three ellipse with a couple of colors from your tube
se my tag for reference
you can make them on their own layer one by one or just draw all on one
convert to raster
click inside with magic wand – new layer – expand with 2 – flood fill color from your tube – select non
move this layer below the frame layer
On the frame EyeCandy 5 Impact – gradient glow and play with the setting so you get the color you want
c/p your tube – duplicate – move one on top of the frame and one below
erase anything sticking outside the frame on both tube layers on the bottom one drop shadow
add © and your name
I used Bickham Script Fancy for my name