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Sarah Butcher slat tag

This tutorial was written by me April 27th – 2021
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.
I’m using a tube from Sarah Butcher you need a license to use this tube
please visit CDO

and a brush of choice
I used AL Dreamboat for my name

Filter DSB-Flux

Open a layer 500×500
c/p the slat as new layer
copy this layer
select all – float – de-float – fill white
selection – modify – contract by 3 – fill with color or pattern of choice – select non
Effect artistic effect – halftone these settings

and drop shadow 2-2-50-5 black
on the bottom slat layer
effect DSB flux linear transmissions  slice size 1 offset 3 blend 50 direction horizontal
Add your tube and glow
add a new layer move to bottom – fill white
new layer add some brushes
add © and your name – merge and save 🙂