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This tutorial was written by me April 28th – 2021
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.
I’m using a tube from Keith Garvey you need a license to use his art
please visit CDO

For this one, you need my background and BRDoodles dingbat font
Filter EyeCandy 5 Impact or EyeCandy 4000


Install the font  – open my background and use adjust – hue and saturation to change the color to match your tube
select the BRDoodles font color black as background color
and a color from the tube as foreground color
stroke 1 size 78 and type B
drag it out to a fitting size on the canvas- convert to raster and image flip
click inside with magic wand and c/p your tube so it fit in one of the hearts
mirror your tube and paste it as new layer place it in the other heart
select invert hit delete – do not deselect
select the layer with the other and hit delete – select non
on one of the tube layers effect Texture effect – Weave

close your background and merge the rest visible
on the tube layer
Effect EyeCandy 5 Impact – gradient glow –   play with the settings that fits your colors
EyeCandy 4000 can be used too 👈
when you are happy with the tag merge layers visible
add a new layer using a color from the tag – select all – select modify – contract 8
hit delete – select non – adjust noise Uniform 45
add © and name – I used Secret Darling